Cheap Christmas Crafts for Children Part II

Cheap Christmas Crafts for Children Part I

As I stated in the first craft post most kid crafts annoy me. I have three problems with them:

  1. They are butt ass expensive to do or at least beyond the cost of my ideal kid craft.
  2. Way to difficult for children.
  3. Useless craft.  It just sits there and looks pretty.  I’m not a knickknack person.  Knickknacks lead to shit everywhere in your house that serve no other purpose than to “look cute” and gather dust.

I am a logical and efficient use of time and money sort of person therefore when I look for crafts for my kids to do they have to meet the following qualifications:

  1. Cheap.
  2. Adult assistance needs to be minimal.  Afterall it’s a kid craft not a mommy craft.
  3. Not a piece of crap knickknack.  It has to serve a purpose and an extra bonus if eventually it’ll need to be thrown away b/c it’s use will not longer warrant keeping it.  This means it will not gather dust in my house.

Three crafts we’ve done this holiday season are:

  1. Dough Ornaments
  2. Seasonal Scented Playdough
  3. Count Down til Christmas Chain

Seasonal Scented Playdough

Basic Recipe

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 2 tsp. cream of tartar
  • 1 Tbls. vegetable oil
  • Scents using essential oils or spices
  • Food coloring

For all of these ingredients I do buy the cheapest stuff at the store.  Stir in a pot over stove on medium heat until a ball forms.  Remove dough ball from heat and let cool a few minutes until it is cool enough to handle.  Knead dough a little to be sure all is incorporated.

I’m ghetto and cheap so I store them in plastic baggies but crafty people will do cool things like this and even give them as gifts.


Scents we made

      • Latte (I used daddy’s old coffee instead of the water and added no food coloring.  The coffee itself was enough)
      • Pumpkin Spice (I used pumpkin pie spice.  Added a little orange dye)
      • Vanilla (added vanilla extract and blue dye)
      • Christmas Tree (added a Christmas essential oil I had and dyed the dough green)
      • Candy Cane (peppermint oil.  Dyed red and swirled white play dough with it.)
      • Gingerbread (added cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla until it smelled like gingerbread)
      • Cranberry (boiled cranberries with water like I was going to make cranberry sauce and strained off the liquid in place of water.  It dyed itself.  I’m sure cranberry juice reduced or a concentrate would work too.

Tomorrow is Part 3:  Count Down til Christmas Chain

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