Salsa Recipe I Stole

I put this salsa recipe on this blog post a couple years back and I find myself going back to it enough that I thought it deserved it’s own post so others could enjoy it.


Ok, I lied a little.  I’m posting it here so when I go and search for it I can find it a little easier.  But if by any means it helps you and it tastes friggin’ fantastic then lucky you!

My disclaimer is that this is not my own creation at all.  Not even gonna try to take any credit for it.  My friend Julie gave it to me.  She got it from one of her friends.

So here is this awesome salsa recipe that can be tinkered with to taste.  Pretty much everything on here is to taste.

Huge Tip (that’s what she said):
Quality of ingredients DO matter.  You buy crap ingredients you get crap salsa.

Another tip:  Tinkering with the amounts of ingredients will yield different flavors and levels of spiciness.

Salsa recipe

  • Canned fire roasted tomatos
  • Lime juice to taste
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • raw onion cut into quarters
  • jalapeno, half of ribs and seeds removed, or however hot you want it – keep that amount of seeds in.  Today I used a HUGE jalapeno, removed 3/4 of the seeds – I wanted my kids to enjoy it.
  • garlic
  • cumin & chili powder to taste (I never measure anything, I just dump to my little heart’s content, but probably at least a tsp of each – maybe a little less chili powder)
  • Any other random spices that might tickle your fancy – coriander seeds, chipotle chili powder, I’ve even used smoked paprika before
  • cilantro to taste.

Dump it all in the blend-tec (or vitamix or if you’re po’, the boring food processor) and pulse to desired consistency.   I think that the hardest part is washing the cilantro.  Damn pain in the ass, that is. (Valerie’s side note:  I think she buys naughty cilantro since hers seemed to be dirty.  Side note to the side note:  I usually fill a large container full of water and submerge the cilantro and shake it out underwater to clean it.)

Or another variation I sometimes do is to cook out the onion, jalapeno and garlic in a tiny bit of olive oil, add all the other ingredients, except for the cilantro, let it all simmer together for awhile (plus a tiny spoonful of sugar) and then add the cilantro when you take it off the heat – puree it with the immersion blender right there in the pot and serve warm.  I call that “winter salsa” – more so b/c of the canned tomatoes, but it makes sense to serve it warm in the winter.  I did that more often before I broke my immersion blender – now it is hard to puree with my make-believe immersion blender.(Valerie’s side note: how in the hell does one break their immersion blender???)

Voila.  Salsa!

One thought on “Salsa Recipe I Stole

  1. I have several comments:
    A) I hardly even remember giving this recipe to you, and I definitely didn’t remember that it was the best salsa ever! Huzzah for me!
    B) I buy only the naughtiest cilantro I can find.
    C) I think that the more correct question would be: How in the hell does one break two immersion blenders? Maybe its all that naughty cilantro.
    D) Never fear, I am on my third (and as of yet unbroken) immersion blender. My mom gave me hers that she never used. I’m sure that I’ll break it before 2014 is over.
    E) A shower is such a waste of a good nap time. Seriously.

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